We can custom pen

We can custom pen,including printing logo, such as Embroidery logo, and special printing. besides we can custom pens shape, color, and packaging bag, box, and gift set. We custom order accept small quantity customized, if you want cutsom your own design please send email to us

We can wholesale pen

We have wholesale pen business, we support small quantity wholesale, you can choose from our website, or you can download price catalog from our website, choose the style you interested send email to us, we will give you our best price, then shipping by air or shipping by sea.

About us

We are direct pen manufacturers, we have ball pen, ballpoint pen, pencils, markers, gel rollerball pen, and some other accessories such as pencil case, eraser. we are located in Zhejiang province, China, close to shanghai, Shipping by sea is really convenient and cheap enough, our customer from USA and Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand,  welcome to send email to us, we will give you our best price, we have fast lead time. make sure your order finished in time. Besides we have good service for every customer, every email we will reply within 20minute, except deepnight, and we have good service in aftersales.

Product Category

Ball & Ballpoint pen

Ball pen is a writing tool which uses dry and thick ink and transfers it to paper by means of free-rotating steel balls on the pen head. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient carrying, writing lubrication and suitable for copying.

Business Simple Ball Pen
Caliper Level Meter Caliber Ball Pen
Creative Advertising Ball Pen
Spray ballpoint pen

Gel & Rollerball pen

It is comfortable to write, low ink viscosity and easy to lubricate. The viscosity of writing medium is between water and oil, so it is smoother than ordinary oil ballpoint pen. It is an upgrading product of oil ballpoint pen. The size of the neutral pen have 1.0mm and 0.5mm.

Business Metal Signature Gel Pen
Baoke blue black gel pen
Cartoon erasable Gel Pens
Cartoon Flamingo Rollerball Pen

Fountain Pen & Markers

Fountain Pens are commonly used writing tools. The pen is made of metal and writes smoothly and elastically;Markers, also known as marker pen. It is a special drawing color pen for writing or painting. It contains ink and usually has a pen cap. It usually has a soft pen head.

Business Metal Fountain Pen
Colourful and high-colour gradient Fountain pen
Acrylic marker
Erasable whiteboard marker

Pencil & Refill

Pencil is a kind of pen used for writing and drawing. The hardness mark of pencil lead is usually “H” for hard pencil, “B” for soft pencil, “HB” for soft and moderate pencil, and “F” for pencil with hardness between HB and H;Refill refers to the accessory of writing tools

Hole pencil
HB wooden pencil
Bullet Neutral Refills
Easy to erase and erasable neutral  Refills

Other Stationary Products

Why Choose Us

  • Direct manufacturers
  • Professional designer team
  • More than 15years experience
  • Strict quality control system
  • Good after sales service
  • Support small order

15 years experience

We have more than 15years for manufacturer ball pen, and other pens products, we are direct manufacturer, so we will have good price for you!

Product quality guarantee

We strictly control all aspects of raw material procurement, production management, product testing, and ensure the quality of our products.

Product price

We have good price in manufacturer different pen, and refill, Our most product range 0.03~0.15USD/PCS depand on style and quantity

Free stock sample

If you interested our website products, we can send that free, you can choose from our website or download our price catalog choose from that.

Production lead time

If you want custom your own product, we finished each order around 10~20days, try to make every customer get goods as soon as possible.

Beautiful packaging

We can help you custom make packaging, such as packaging bag, packaging box all can customized, it will make your product looks more better

What we can custom

We can custom pens including, pen size, material, color, packaging bag, packaging box, print logo, engraving logo, and many special require also can be customized to make. welcome to send email and picture to us we will quote as soon as possible!

Printing & Logo

We can custom logo and printing on the pen


Any color is can be customized it depand on yourself


Any shape pens is can be customized, may have a little mold cost


Custom packaging bag packaging box, gift box

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