Product Details:

Product Name: Caliper Level Meter Caliber Ball Pen
Material: Plastic
Main Uses: Office,Stationery
Style: Advertising pen
Place of origin: Ningbo,China
MOQ: 100pcs
Packing: 1pc/opp Bag
Feature: Creative, beautiful, concise and generous
Use common sense:

1. The pen is stronger and more durable than ordinary pens, but if improper use and storage, it often fails to write. This is mainly due to the sticking of dry ink around the beads to prevent ink from flowing out. Ink is a kind of viscous oil, which is made of flaxseed oil, synthetic pine oil (mainly containing terpene alcohols), mineral oil (oil obtained from fractionating petroleum and other minerals), hard gum and fume.

2. When using ballpoint pens, do not write on paper with oil and wax, or oil and wax embedded in the copper bowl along the edge of the ball will affect the ink and can not write, but also avoid the impact of the pen, exposure, when not in use with gloves good pen cap, in order to prevent damage to the pen head, pen pole variant and the leak of oil and contaminants. If it is cold or unused for a long time. When the pen is not greasy, it can be dipped in warm water for a moment and then scratched on the paper to write.

3. Ballpoint pen has a big disadvantage: its handwriting is very clear at first, but it can’t stand the test of time. After a long time, the handwriting will gradually blur. This is because the ballpoint pen ink is made of dyes and castor oil. Oil is different from water. It is not easy to dry. Over time, oil will slowly soak in the paper and the handwriting will become blurred. Therefore, ballpoint pen can only be used as a common writing pen. If you want to keep handwriting for a long time, you need to use a pen.

4. If the ball-point pen touches the ground at 90 degrees, the ball-point pen will not be damaged, but if it is damaged at the receptacle, there will be “oil” phenomenon in the gap. In serious cases, the ball-point will fall off and there will be writing difficulties.


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