Pencil box is one of the stationery for students to learn. Pencil box is a box for pens, pencils, rulers, erasers and other stationery. There are many textures, generally wood, iron, plastic products, different shapes, mostly cuboid shape.

Main structure

In the early 1980s, pencil boxes in elementary schools were made of iron. The surface of the lid was usually made of cartoon characters such as Transformers or machine cats. When you open the lid, you will see the multiplication formula.

The utility model is characterized in that the outer box body is composed of an outer box body and an inner box body, which are movably inserted into the inner box body in an empty plane on one long side of the outer box body, and the upper edge of the other long side of the outer box body is hinged to connect the box cover, and the box cover is hinged by two narrow box cover. The short side of the outer box body is provided with a spring sheet, which passes through the outer box cover to reach the short side of the inner box body. On the short side of the inner box body, a plurality of grooves are arranged with the end of the spring sheet.

After the 1990s, pencil-box styles began to emerge in endlessly. First, double-decker and large pencil-box were the mainstream. Then, after 2000, simple and practical pencil-box styles began to emerge, such as pencil bags. The price range of the pencil case is about 8-20 yuan. The standard of measurement is based on structure and pattern. There is no brand. The pen bag is based on style. For example, transparent pen bag was once a popular one. The price is 15-30 yuan.

Material type

Iron pencil case

There are no too fancy patterns on it. Compared with wooden and plastic stationery boxes, iron is not easy to deform and damage. In addition, it is very practical and suitable for pupils to use.

plastic pencil box

Bright color, rich patterns, but no iron stationery box anti-fall, anti-deformation. It is very popular among primary and secondary school students in the mass market, even college students sometimes use it.

Wooden pencil box

The surface is engraved with a variety of graphics, but primary and secondary school students often do not use it, because the color is too monotonous, so the wooden stationery box is gradually scarce.

Pencil case

There is also a pencil box made of cloth, the real name is “pencil bag”, which is the “pencil Box New favorite” of primary and secondary school students in recent years. It is easy to carry and practical. It is very suitable for our children to use.

Shopping standard

The Ministry of Education has just issued Decree No. 23 on campus security. And part of the campus accident is caused by students throwing bags and pencil boxes at each other. Therefore, when choosing stationery for children, it’s better to choose a safe and environmentally friendly type.

Iron pencil boxes are easy to rust and hurt children. So choose cloth well. In addition, if the cloth is dirty, it can also be cleaned with a toothbrush. Kill two birds with one stone.