A ruler, also known as a ruler, is a tool for drawing lines (especially straight ones) and measuring length. There is usually a scale on the ruler to measure length. Some rulers have holes in the middle with special shapes such as letters or circles for easy drawing.

Material Science

Rulers are usually made of plastic, iron, stainless steel, plexiglass, etc.


“Snake ruler” is a ruler used to draw curves. Triangle ruler is a ruler of right triangle or isosceles triangle. It is convenient to draw parallel or vertical lines. Calculating ruler: A calculating tool. Soft ruler: It is often used to measure human body parts. Ruler: Used to measure buildings, furniture, etc. Vernier Caliper: Used to measure smaller things. In ruler drawing, ruler is regarded as a tool for drawing infinite straight lines.

Daily protection

The most taboo of rulers is the scratch and blurring of carved values, so rulers become the most cherished articles in stationery. What should we pay attention to when using rulers?

  1. First of all, the use of rulers should be correct. For example, when demarcating materials, it is better not to use plastic rulers, which will be easily scratched. Many people will make a mistake, that is, when drawing the line, it will be very fast, and then because of the slippery characteristics of the ruler, it will be along the ruler, so that it will flower the value, so the speed is moderate.
  2. The ruler should not be mixed with a knife or metal stationery. When mixed with a pen, it must be covered with a pen cap.
  3. We must prevent sun exposure and long-term sunshine. Especially plastic rulers do not have good heat resistance and will be deformed.
  4. It’s better not to clean the ruler with a brush, which means that you don’t dirty the ruler as much as possible.