A brief introduction to Marker

Mark pen is also called marker pen. It is a special drawing color pen for writing or painting. It contains ink and usually has a pen cap. It usually has a soft pen head.

Mark pen’s pigments are volatile and can be used for one-time fast drawing. It is often used in designing articles, advertising slogans, poster drawing or other artistic creation occasions. It can draw rough lines with little change. The box head pen is a kind of marker pen. Now marker pens are divided into water-based and oil-based ink, water-based ink is similar to color pen, is the content of oil-free essential ingredients, oil-based ink because it contains oil-based ingredients, so the taste is more stimulating, and easy to volatilize. If the paint on the toy falls off, it can be complemented with a marker pen.

Product classification

By pen

  1. Fiber pen

The strokes of the fibre type pen are hard, sharp and uniform in color. The high-grade pen head is designed in many aspects. With the rotation of the pen head, the strokes of different widths can be drawn. Suitable for the shaping of space blocks, mostly used in the hand-painted expression of architecture, interior, industrial design and product design. Fiber head is divided into two kinds: ordinary head and high density head. The difference is writing bifurcation and non-bifurcation.

  1. Foaming pen head

The foam pen is wider than the fiber pen, with soft brush strokes and full colors. The painted color has a granular texture. It is suitable for the expression of soft scenery and objects such as landscape, water body and characters. It is mostly used in landscape, gardens, clothing, animation and other specialties.

Ink divided

  1. Oily Mark Pen

Oily marker pen is fast-drying, water-resistant, and light-resistant. It will not hurt the paper if the color is overlapped many times, and it is soft.

  1. Alcoholic marker

1) Alcoholic marker pen can be written on any smooth surface. It can be used for drawing, writing, marking, POP advertisement, etc.

2) The main ingredients are dyes, denatured alcohol and resins. Inks are volatile. They should be used in well ventilated places. After use, pen caps should be tightened, and fires should be kept away from and sunlight prevented.

  1. Water-based marker pen

Waterborne marker pens are bright and transparent in color, but they will turn grey after adding colors many times, and they are easy to damage the paper surface. Also, if you apply a water-stained pen on it, the effect is very similar to that of watercolor. Some water-based marker pens will withstand water after they are dried out. So when you buy a marker pen, you must know the attributes of the marker pen and what it looks like. Mark pens are available in design stores, and can be painted by opening the lid. There is no limit to paper and all kinds of materials can be colored.