A Brief Introduction to Metal Pens

It is a writing tool made of metal. Metal pens are made of copper, iron, aluminium and steel. Common metal pens are divided into: metal ball pens, metal jewelry pens, metal pens, metal pencils, metal laser pens, metal pointer pens, metal desktop pens, metal leather pens, metal acrylic pens, and dozens of other kinds. The use of metal pens is generally used for advertising, gift and other business gifts. Writing tools are relatively high-end, so most of China’s metal pens are exported.

Analysis of Use Method

It can depict black and white two different color patterns or alphabetic symbols on the surface of various metal pens. It can also depict lines in fixture manufacturing. The size, width and depth of the lines can be adjusted arbitrarily to achieve the ideal effect of clear handwriting and even lines. It is completely reliable to use. The carved workpiece will not be deformed and damaged, and has been manufactured in instruments and meters. Precision bearing and precision mechanical parts processing and electronic industry, measurement. Material management departments are widely used.

Usage method

  1. The surface of the workpiece must be clean and dry to ensure good contact.
  2. After choosing the color you need, fix the grounding pin on the workpiece and turn on the power supply.
  3. When operating, the engraving pen should keep perpendicular to the workpiece and move slowly. The pen tip and the workpiece should have appropriate clearance. The output should be adjusted from large to small to clear lines.
  4. Electro-engraving on aluminium, please change to copper core pen point.

Customization process

Embossment is a process for making metal advertising gift pens. It is a very high quality process. It uses electroplating technology to highlight LOGO on the electroplated penholder. It shows that LOGO is firm, permanent and beautiful.

Laser engraving uses laser engraving technology to concave LOGO. Logo usually appears brass or silver according to different materials. The LOGO displayed is firm, permanent and beautiful. Generally, it is better to use this process in less quantity, and it is very convenient.

Transfer printing is a high quality method used in making advertising gift pens. It uses steel mould to print. The printed products are firm and beautiful. It can be divided into monochrome and multicolor printing. Multicolor transfer is usually calculated by multiplying monochrome by several colours.