Product Details:

Product Name: Shark Gel Pens
Material: Plastic
Main Uses: Office,Stationery
Style: Cartoon
Place of origin: Ningbo,China
MOQ: 100pcs
Packing: 1pc/opp Bag
Feature: Lovely cartoons are beautiful and pleasant to the eye
Shark shape, fashionable and novel.Needle-tube neutral pen:Usually, we call this type of pen “full needle tube”. The key difference between the bullet pen and the bullet pen is that the bullet pen differs from the bullet pen.

Cutting method is processed. Before being processed into a pen head, it is a complete thin tube, which makes three concave points at the front end of the thin tube from three directions by precision instruments, forming a bowl seat for ball balls, while the back thin tube forms a triangular oil groove. Ink flows out through the oil tank, and then through the ball rolling out of the ink, complete the writing process. Needle and tube type is suitable for making thinner pens, such as 0.30, 0.25 and so on.




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