Product Details:

Product Name: Smile pen
Material: Plastic
Main Uses: Studio, School
Style: Cartoon
Place of origin: Ningbo,China
MOQ: 100pcs
Packing: 1pc/opp Bag
Feature: Creative, beautiful, concise and generous
Pen maintenance:
When writing, you should put some manuscript paper under the paper to enhance the elasticity of the nib and reduce friction. Do not write on the tip of a hard material such as metal to prevent damage to the nib. Avoid mixing different inks in daily use to avoid sedimentation and block the pen. The pen should be cleaned once a month or so to keep the ink flowing smoothly. If you use carbon ink, you should wash it thoroughly. If the pen is not used for a long time, it should be washed and stored. And don’t use excessive force when writing. Cleaning Generally, when washing, it can be repeatedly drained and drained until the drained water is clean and dry. If the interval is cleaned for a long time or if the pen is intended to be washed and sealed, the parts must be disassembled and cleaned separately. After the initial disassembly, it is divided into five parts: the nib, the converter (inker/ink bag), the pen, the pen cap, and the pen holder. The latter two are generally not cleaned. The metal part of the nib and the tongue (inking structure) should be further disassembled, and the nib metal piece is rinsed with water, and the entire inking structure can be carefully washed with an old toothbrush and then placed in warm water for one night. Dry all parts after cleaning, and then seal them when they are completely dry.



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